Tree Topping

Bay Area Tree Topping, If You Absolutely Need It!

Bay Area Tree Topping,

Tree topping is an extreme practice. It is not recommended for many varieties of trees. Tree topping removes the upper section of a tree, usually requested to better open up a view. Topping a tree not only destroys the tree’s natural shape, it can also lead to suckering. Suckering will quickly replace your newly opened view and possibly block it even more.

If you are considering topping a tree to make it “safer,” topping will actually make your tree less safe. Topping stunts a tree’s upper growth and makes the remaining branches grow longer and heavier than they normally would. The remaining branches, as a result, become more susceptible to breakage during a storm.

Reasons for Tree Topping:

  • To open up a view when there are no other alternatives
  • A Tree has already been topped and needs further topping

Alternatives to Tree Topping

Usually there are better alternatives than topping a tree. These include: thinning, pruning and windowing. M&M Tree Service provides all of these tree care alternatives to tree topping. We have been creating happy customers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area since 1980, including Marin County, Contra Costa County and Oakland.

Before you consider tree topping for a beautiful, healthy tree, please call M&M Tree Service to discuss alternatives!

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