Tree Trimming and Pruning

Honest, Affordable Tree Trimming and Pruning

Tree Trimming and Pruning

Expertly performed tree trimming and pruning can keep your trees looking beautiful, full and healthy. Periodic tree trimming and pruning helps ensure that your trees remain vibrant by removing dead and dying branches and encouraging new growth, while controlling tree size. Tree trimming and pruning also reduces hazards such as falling limbs or low-hanging branches and makes trees more storm resistant.

M&M Tree Service has been providing honest, affordable tree trimming and pruning throughout the San Francisco Bay Area since 1980, including Marin County, Contra Costa County and Oakland.

Our Guidelines for Tree Trimming and Pruning

  • Pruning deciduous trees should only be done in the winter while they are dormant.
  • Annual pruning of fruit-bearing trees keeps the limbs strong and healthy, encourages healthy production of fruit and keeps fruit accessible.
  • Safety pruning should be done to reduce the size of larger trees, correct imbalances and remove weak or dangerous branches.
  • Pollarding (removing the upper branches of a tree to promote a dense head of foliage and branches) is an extreme form of pruning that is only recommended in specific cases. Trees that have been seriously neglected or pollarded in the past are the most likely candidates for pollarding.
  • Pruning trees when they are young and growing quickly is critical to ensuring a strong framework for future growth.

Keep your trees looking their best.

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