Tree Service Berkeley

Tree Service Berkeley

M&M Tree Service has been providing affordable, quality  tree service Berkeley  since 1980, including tree trimming and large tree removal. Local, family owned and operated, we have the expertise to help you protect the investment you have made in your beautiful trees.

Protecting Berkeley’s Stately Heritage Trees

Beautiful, stately street and park trees are widely considered one of Berkeley’s most cherished features. The City of Berkeley’s Parks Division is charged with the management of Berkeley’s urban forest. Its Urban Forestry Management Program is involved in the planting of new and replacement trees, the maintenance of existing trees and the removal of trees that have died or are considered hazardous.

Coast live oak trees are particularly beautiful trees, and they are currently protected within the City of Berkeley. A moratorium has been called on the removal of coast live oaks of a certain size. Additionally, a coast live oak cannot be excessively pruned. Exceptions can be made, of course, if the tree is a potential danger to life or limb.

M&M Tree Service knows how to care for all of your beautiful, stately trees, including coast live oaks. We also understand Berkeley’s local tree care ordinances. We can do just the right amount of pruning to keep your trees beautiful and healthy. We will help you maintain and enjoy your cherished part of the Berkeley urban forest today and for generations to come.

Whatever your Berkeley tree service and tree care needs, call M&M Tree Service for a free estimate!

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To learn more about the City of Berkeley Tree Ordinance, please refer to their website.