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Tree Service El Sobrante

Tree Service El Sobrante

M&M Tree Service has been providing affordable, quality El Sobrante tree service since 1980, including tree trimming and large tree removal.  Once called Oak Grove, El Sobrante has a wide variety of beautiful and stately trees, including oaks, magnolias, maples, pears, pines and ash. As a homeowner or business owner, your El Sobrante tree service company needs to know how to care for and maintain many species of trees. When you want your trees to last for many lifetimes, you can count on M&M Tree Service to provide exactly the tree care you need.

Tree removal costs can vary based upon size of the tree, location in relation to buildings, type of tree and condition of the tree. Also diameter will affect costs if stump grinding is part going to be included in the job. The larger the diameter the more expensive grinding the stump will be. Taller trees are more expensive to remove because they may require a crane or other specialized equipment. Removing the debris is a cost that has to be taken into account as well.

We specialize in expert tree trimming and large tree removal. Local, family owned and operated, we have the experience to help you protect the investment you have made in your beautiful trees. Whatever your tree service and tree care needs, call M&M Tree Service for a free estimate!

Our tree services include:

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