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Marin County Arborists

Marin County Arborists

M&M Tree Service has been providing honest, affordable Marin County Arborists tree care services, including tree trimming and tree removal,  since 1980. Local, family owned and operated, we have the years of experience to protect the beauty of your trees as well as your property. If you live anywhere in Marin County, M&M Trees Service can take care of all of your tree maintenance needs.

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Marin County has many varieties of beautiful and stately trees. Majestic oak trees, redwood trees and bays are particularly prevalent. Non-native trees are also widespread, including palms and eucalyptus. Property owners in Marin cherish their trees. In many residential areas, heritage or “first growth” trees have been left in place, often growing close or next to homes and other structures.

Several hundred-year-old redwood trees and live oak trees grace many ridges around the county of Marin. Homeowners living on these ridges consider trees to be a significant part of their view. These beautiful trees not only add to their personal enjoyment, well-established trees also increase property values.

Your tree service company needs to know how to expertly care for many types of trees. Your tree care service company also needs to have experience working in tight spaces, close to homes and other structures. M&M Tree Service knows how to safely and expertly take care of all of your tree care needs. We understand how to preserve the value of your tree investment.

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In 2011, The Marin County Board of Supervisors approved a new tree ordinance to restrict tree cutting and protect “heritage trees” — very large, old, native trees — from being cut down without a permit. You can learn more about the Marin County Tree Ordinance from their website.