Tree Service Oakland

Tree Service Oakland

M&M Tree Service has been providing affordable, quality Oakland tree service since 1980, including tree trimming and large tree removal. Oakland has a wide variety of beautiful and stately trees, including oaks, redwoods, magnolias, maples, pears, pines and ash. Your East Bay tree service company needs to know how to care for and maintain many species of trees. When you want your trees to remain healthy and beautiful, you can count on M&M Tree Service.

M&M Tree Service can take care of all of your tree maintenance needs, wherever you live in Oakland. Local, family owned and operated, we provide honest, affordable tree services, including tree trimming and large tree removal, to neighborhoods throughout Oakland. Our arborists know how help you protect the value of your beautiful trees.

You May Need an Oakland Tree Removal Permit

A Tree Removal permit must be applied for before removing a protected tree in the City of Oakland. A permit is also required if work might damage or destroy a protected tree. Currently, a protected tree is any Coast Live Oak four inches or larger in diameter, measured at four-and-a-half feet above the ground, or any other species with nine inches in diameter or larger, except Eucalyptus and Monterey Pine trees. Eucalyptus trees are not protected and no permit is required. Monterey Pines do not require a permit, but the species must be verified by City staff prior to removal.

Whatever your Oakland tree service needs, please call us for more information. We are always happy to provide a free tree care estimate!

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To learn more about the City of Oakland Tree Ordinance, please see their website.