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Tree Removal San Francisco

Tree Removal San Francisco

M&M Tree Service has been providing honest, affordable Tree Removal service in the city of San Francisco, including tree trimming since 1980. Local, family owned and operated, we have the experience to help you protect the investment you have made in your beautiful trees. We have the expertise to attend to all of your tree care needs from trimming to removal and stump grinding. Our arborists also understand and can help you work within the local city tree care ordinances.

Quality Tree Service in San Francisco since 1980

San Franciscans are rightfully proud of their “urban forest” of beautiful trees. As a resident of San Francisco, you might not know that private property owners are responsible for most of the trees along the streets in San Francisco. You must obtain a permit from The Department of Public Works to remove any street tree. Additionally, property owners with street trees adjacent to their property are required to follow the tree pruning standards established in San Francisco.

Some trees in San Francisco have been identified as significant trees and landmark trees. Significant trees are on private property and close to the public right-of-way. Landmark trees have been designated by the Board of Supervisors as extra special due to the rareness of the species, their size or age, extraordinary structure or ecological contribution. Both significant and landmark trees have been granted the same protections as street trees in San Francisco.

Whatever your San Francisco tree service needs, please call us for more information. We are always happy to provide a free tree care estimate at your request!

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To learn more about the city of San Francisco Tree Ordinance, please refer to their website.